Anna Mezzetti

Anna Mezzetti

Sustainability Officer, Monash City Council


Green Shoots - Connecting Community with Nature

The Green Shoots program is community inspired and driven, connecting people to nature and local reserves in a collaborative, socially interactive way. Green Shoots includes a suite of initiatives to provide opportunities for City of Monash residents to interact with the nature in our urban environment. Green Shoots activities allows them to increase their awareness and appreciation of their local urban environment, understand the importance of parks and reserves as green corridors supporting our local insects and wildlife. Initiatives range from bush kinder spaces to community habitat improvement projects (Skink Link Project), supported by community environment education events for all cultures and ages. The program also links nature in our reserves with actions that residents, schools and businesses can take home to their own gardens, such as the Monash Gardens for Wildlife Program.

As we adjust to more time in our neighbourhoods and finding alternatives to organised sports due to COVID19 restrictions, GreenShoots has grown in popularity, as it responds to the way residents are interacting with their local open spaces, and enriches this experience.

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