Bill Dhaliwal

Bill Dhaliwal

General Manager, Greendrop Solutions


Biological Nutrient Extraction for Restoration of Stressed Lakes and Wetlands

Higher global temperatures and increased nutrient run-off are impacting lake ecology like never before. Algal blooms, aquatic weeds and/or mass fish kills are its manifestations, and are a consequence of the change in the nutrient distribution and phytoplankton spectrum of these lakes. Traditionally, the impact of such degradation was believed to be confined to the lake area and ground water but new research indicates that the toxins from harmful algal blooms are carried in the air to nearby built-up areas as well.

Conventionally, restoration of lake health involved enhancing oxygen levels through aeration, bio-augmentation of microbes, algaecides or Ultrasonic/UV systems. None of these systems address the core issue of the imbalance in the phytoplankton spectrum without which any solution is at best temporary.

The field of biological nutrient extraction is new but one that yields rapid, safer, sustainable and cost-effective results that does not bio-conflict with existing lake ecology.


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