Bob Fleming

Bob Fleming

Director, Playground123


Bringing technology into the Open Space

Playground123 is a customised platform specifically designed, built, and configured to assist in the everyday management of playgrounds, skateparks and outdoor fitness equipment. Playground123 is designed and built by playground installers and inspectors and is unique in its ability to completely satisfy every aspect of the day-to-day management of playgrounds. This powerful tool also provides critical strategic data essential in planning and development.

Bringing asset management technology into the "high risk" areas of open spaces will not only decrease time and cost for managing playground assets but also reduce risk and liability to all stakeholders.

Playground123 is the only software in the Australian market developed using AS4685.2021. This allows the stakeholder to know their playgrounds comply with the Australian Standards.

With ongoing playground inspections required, integrated playground asset management technology has a range of benefits for stakeholders. This includes real time inspection reporting and automated maintenance notifications.

Mining and other industries have brought laser scanning into their daily operational practices, which not only provides a 3D "as constructed plan"" but allows for other data to be inserted in the 3D cloud making access to information even easier. Playground123 is bringing this laser technology to the playground industry.


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