Cathy Kiss and Jarrod Hill

Cathy Kiss

Facilities Development and Contract Coordinator, City of Melbourne

Jarrod Hill

Director, SPORTENG


Design and management of Active Open Space in drainage reserves

In growth areas where land is of high value and in short supply, it is not uncommon to have proposals to provide sports fields on drainage reserves. This challenge was recently being considered by the recreation and open space planning teams at the City of Melbourne.

In order to assess the opportunities and issues, the City of Melbourne engaged SPORTENG to investigate and report on the management experience of parcels of land which are used for organised sport, while they also have a drainage function.

The review recorded the key features of the reserves including:

  • Type and frequency of sport and recreation use
  • Playing surface profiles
  • Common experiences during and post inundation
  • Maintenance requirements.

SPORTENG then made recommendations on minimum requirements for these functions to be co-located, and what to avoid.

This presentation will describe the findings of the review.


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