Jayson Kelly

Jayson Kelly

Director, Xyst


Let's Focus on Performance

We are faced with many challenges when it comes to park development. Some of the issues include:

  • Financially unsustainable development of new assets
  • Creating the "haves" in new developments and the "have nots" in older tired areas
  • Popular parks being over-used, other parks being empty
  • Asset centric renewal decisions focused on condition
  • Piecemeal development over time that adds to operating inefficiency
  • A large amount of council effort (capital renewal) flying under the community's radar
  • Funders and politicians desire to "cut ribbons"
  • Using a performance approach, where assessing the parks network or asset group (like playgrounds, toilets etc) is made against weighted qualitative criteria, enables a more customer centric view to be taken in making decisions on investment.

Ranking parks by performance allows a targeted approach to increasing levels of use, usability and enjoyment, particularly when this information drives whole of park makeovers using new and renewal funding.

This presentation will introduce the topic, discuss the challenges, and explain how to set up a performance methodology, and then use the information to drive change in park design, development and operation.


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