Jim Porter and Erik Kinlon and Andrew Lefebvre

Jim Porter

Senior Turf Agronomist, ETP TURF

Erik Kinlon

Business Development Manager ‑ Elite Facilities, HG Turf

Andrew Lefebvre

Operations Supervisor, Citywide


What is hybrid turf and what does it do? Session includes inspection of hybrid turf application on Elsternwick Park Oval No. 1.

In this panel session, a facilitator along with the expert panel including an agronomist, supplier and open space turf surface manager will discuss "What is a hybrid turf?" What types of hybrid turf are available in Australia? Is it a synthetic or natural grass and why and what circumstance would you use it in. Does it preform differently to natural turf? Does it need to be managed differently and can it be recycled or re-used? As more and more information come to market and installation of hybrid turf is now being consider and used more often, it can be a confusing discussion on whether the economics justifies the marketing sometimes. Whilst hybrid grass is being installed in some major high profile projects, it is also being used in smaller projects on sportsfields (community sportsfields) and the knowledge on how to maintain them is only just being transferred or understood by open space planners or managers and as such users are learning the possible advantages of using a hybrid system/product and or its longevity.


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