John Tower and Kathryn McDonald

John Tower

Honorary Research Fellow, Victoria University

Kathryn McDonald

Victoria University


Using socio-economic and demographic data in leisure planning

Understanding a community's socio-economic and demographic profile is an invaluable component of leisure planning. The characteristics and trends in community education levels, health, technology, employment, household income, transport, population numbers, community profiles and human rights influence the expectations of, and usually, the provision of community leisure programs, facilities and services. The use of existing socio-economic and demographic data and your organisation's leisure participation user profiles is a very informative input when conducting leisure planning research. This workshop will explore how socio-economic and demographic data provide guidance for decisions about the provision of leisure opportunities. Workshop participants will use data from Australian Bureau of Statistics and leisure user profiles to enable them to understand how the data can inform leisure planning decisions. It is important for leisure program, facility and service managers to continually monitor their community's socio-economic and demographic profile to help guide decisions about provision priorities."


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