Liam Cole and Sara Townsend and Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell

Operations and Racing Manager, AusCycling

Sara Townsend

Recreation and Events Coordinator, City of Bayside

Liam Cole

Open Space Coordinator, Wellington Shire Council


PUMP Tracks and BMX Tracks - management during COVID and post COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic last year when there were restrictions placed on people's movements and local parks and open space areas were the only options for recreation, there was a proliferation of informal, 'home-made' recreational cycling and BMX facilities popping up in parks and reserves all over Victoria.

This session will start with a summary of the issues and challenges experienced by Bayside and Wellington council staff in dealing with OH&S risks and public safety, and how an issue soon became an opportunity for community collaboration and recreational cycling. AusCycling will also provide an overview on how it responded to and advised LGAs on this sudden interest in recreational cycling.

The Panel session will allow further questioning of the speakers, and will also encourage delegates to share their experiences and impacts from the increased interest in pump and informal BMX riding in their LGAs.


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