Martin Sheppard

Martin Sheppard

Director, Smart Connection Consultancy


Global Environmental Activism needs to be embraced for synthetic sports fields

With the greater understanding of environmental pressures on the globe, local communities are now turning on synthetic sports fields in a manner that is going to inhibit the ability of local government and sport to meet community demand. With significant misinformation available to the google community, their perceptions are becoming reality as plans for future fields are being halted and changed. It is important that we embrace the community's perceptions and concerns by respectfully addressing their issues in the design, management and consultation process.

There has been big changes in synthetic design and technological advances in the past 15 months, including new Microplastics standards, the commencement of the 4th Generation of Football Turf, and significant emphasis on environmental challenges that can all be addressed.  However, the failure to address these could mean the end of football turf if we don't change our thinking. This session will explain the challenges, the perceptions, the latest technological advances, and also solutions being put forward by the market to meet the needs of the sporting community and the environmental issues being expressed by the broader community.

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