Ryan Longford and Tylah ingram

Ryan Longford

National Sales Manager, Lark Industries

Tylah Ingram

Landscape Architect, City of Banyule


The new style of challenging playground

Play is a critical building block in all children's development, offering learning, risk mitigation, movement, and social interaction. In saying this there are several challenges we face when striving to provide engaging and unique play opportunities that importantly remain interesting. This has allowed us to question if the very way children play, can be reinvented?

We will explore how technology can be utilised to provide educational, active, engaging, inclusive and diverse play opportunities for children - whilst ensuring traditional values around play remain unchanged.

Smart Play Technology adoption has grown exponentially over the past decade, as it offers a new, unique, and adaptable way for children to play. We will explore the past, present and future of these technologies, and how they can meaningfully contribute in play design.

Further we will touch on creative ways in which play can take inspiration from current trends to provide exciting experiences for youth - that provide physical challenge, adrenaline and importantly a controlled safe environment for youth to socialise and engage. Lastly, we will dive into how multi-generational spaces are growing in interest and importance - how can these be successfully implemented and what is required to design a multi-generational space.

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