Stephen McKay

Stephen McKay

Senior project Manager, City of Whittlesea

Danny Edmunds

Team Leader Sports Turf and Pathways, City of Casey

Mark Doyle

Coordinator Turf Management, City Of Hume


Different models and learnings in delivering sportsfield infrastructure

Greater Melbourne Growth area Council's are experiencing an unprecedented level of demand for new sports infrastructure, requiring an acceleration of Capital Works programs and many delivery learnings. Danny Edmunds, City of Casey - Stephen McKay, City of Whittlesea - and Mark Doyle, Hume City Council will present current projects and reflections from differing perspectives. This session includes a wealth of learnings on technical approach and collaboration to share with the industry.

City of Casey are in the middle of delivering eight new recreation reserves using a bundled delivery model that has ensured competitive pricing and an accelerated program. Danny Edmunds, Sports Turf and Pathways Team Leader will give a brief outline on the structure of the program and reflection of some key learnings taken from the end user (asset managers) perspective. City of Whittlesea is under pressure to deliver an accelerated sportsfield program. Senior Project Manager Stephen McKay recently trialled a Design and Construct model at the Mosaic Recreation Reserve and will share the significant challenges and success of the Mosaic Reserve project. Mark Doyle, Turf Coordinator, City of Hume, stresses the importance of having experts that maintain the sports fields involved in the process from start to finish. What are the issues that can arise when this is not done and why hold points are critical and the importance of getting them right?


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