Terry Dillon

Terry Dillon

Managing Director, CLUBMAP

Anthony Bowd

Manager Strategic Projects, Vicsport

Jarrod Carey

Recreation Planner, Murrindindi Shire Council

Adam Feiner

Sports Development Officer, Darebin Council


How LGAs are assisting sports clubs recover post COVID

2020 was a challenging period for sporting clubs and sports venue operators, as the coronavirus pandemic resulted in the cancellation or disruption of sports seasons and the temporary closure of sporting venues.

This session will initially hear from the four panelists about how their organisations have assisted sporting clubs and venue operators to bounce back from the interuptions experienced in 2020, and what programs, services and assistance has been the most effective, and what other areas of support have been well received. The Panel session will allow further questioning of the four speakers on their services, and will also encourage delegates to share their success stories or challenges about their sporting clubs' emergence from cessation of business due to COVID-19.


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